Floral Lace Nightwear


Floral Ornamented Lace Nightwear Made of Antistatic Satin Fabric

Delicate floral lace dance with femininity and romance. Its self-adjustable shoulder strap adds comfort and support. Colour cumbersome at the floral lace: An exclusive collaboration that blends dreamy confidence with thoughtful workmanship, giving each piece a unique and feminine feel.

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Floral Ornamented Lace Nightwear Made of Antistatic Satin Fabric

97% Polyester
3% Elastane

Our softy polyester is heat and colour resistant, dries quickly, doesn’t crease and shrinks less than for example cotton fibres. It is also more elastic and durable than cotton. Polyester fibres wick moisture away from the body but instead of it being absorbed by the material it evaporates. The result is that the material feels dry.

Static charges on fabrics can make handling difficult and can also lead to clinging of garment, which results in reduced wear comfort and aesthetic apperance. Static charges also contributes to an enhanced absorption of dust and soil from air.
In order to prevent all these undesirable results, anti-static treatments have been applied to the fabric used in this product

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